误差率:error rate, which is 1 minus the accuracy


adj. 动态的;动力的;动力学的;有活力的

n. 动态;动力


The branch of mechanics concerned with the forces that change or produce the motions of bodies 动力学

propagation (countable and uncountableplural propagations)

  1. the multiplication or natural increase in a population
  2. the dissemination of something to a larger area or greater number
  3. (physics) the act of propagating, especially the movement of a wave
  4. (genetics) the elongation part of transcription
  5. (religion) winning new converts
  6. some degree of success in the spread of propaganda


As known to us all, one of the ultimate goals for studying complex networks is to understand the behaviors on dynamical processes occurring on them.

Propaganda  政治宣传 

misleads readers so that they believe a particular political/social agenda

virality 病毒式传播

 topic virality, user virality, and user susceptibility


错误示范:limited amount of data


示范:social media has



计算语言学:computational linguistics

信息检索中的计算惊喜:Computational surprise in information retrieval 

分析性学习:analytic study on.../ analytic study  characterizing


建设性话语:Constructive Language 

攻击性话语:Offensive Language

辱骂性话语:abusive language

欺骗信息:hoaxes and deceptive (fake) information

严肃的捏造、大范围的恶作剧和幽默的伪造:serious fabrications, large-scale hoaxes and humorous fakes

不值得相信的文本:untrustworthy text

语言模式:linguistic patterns

相同复杂度:the same complexity order

高处理效率:high-processing efficiency

单调收敛:monotonic convergence

 We perform these two steps alternately and after iterations a monotonic convergence of our objective function can be guaranteed.

受生物学中的XXX启发:biologically inspired by XXX




为了研究:To probe

目的是:In order to do so(句首)、with the purpose of(句中)

获得全世界关注:captured worldwide interes

为了区别不同:To characterize differences between


考虑到:In view of this、With this in mind

受启发:In light of

观察到:Observe that

实际中:In practical terms



结果:Consequently,as a result,To this end,As a consequence

主要因为:primarily because

从那时起:From then on

毫无疑问:Without a doubt

通常:Usually、 Often


极端情况下:In the extreme case



胶水、直觉、验证直觉Intuitively, the interactions among these sequences could provide clues to derive more meaningful and comprehensive topics than those found by using information from each individual stream solely. The intuition was confirmed by very recent work [11], which utilized the temporal correlation over multiple text sequences to explore the semantic correlation among common topics.

想法具体化:. The ideas will be concretized by introducing a model for complex network community detection.

社团像一张大嘴(好大胆的比方):In this case, each community looks like a bottle with a big mouth. So we cannot stop the particles from going in and out of the bottle. Based on this observation, we introduced various particles to compete with each other.

说明彩色图在黑白印刷下的颜色深度(细心!):Initial configuration. Four particles, represented by yellow (the lightest gray), cyan (the second lightest gray), orange (the third lightest gray), and blue (the second darkest gray), are randomly put in the network. Red (the darkest gray) represents free nodes.

迭代到某一状态的子图快照:A snapshot at iteration 250.

丰富信息可以用来推测实际属性:User profiles contain rich information that allows researchers to infer particular attributes of users’ identities.

作为结果,A向B妥协:Words in news media and political discourse have a considerable power in shaping people’s beliefs and opinions. As a result, their truthfulness is often compromised to maximize impact.

读者会识别某种企图:audiences will recognize the humorous intent

讽刺、欺骗、政治宣传的不同:ll recognize the humorous intent. Hoaxes and satire are more likely to invent stories, while
propaganda frequently combines truths, falsehoods, and ambiguities to confound readers.

从传播理论和语法分析中获取词汇资源:We draw lexical resources from prior works in communication theory and stylistic
analysis in computational linguistics.

基于某个假设做某事based on a hypothesis that fake news articles try to enliven stories to attract readers

潜在的假设:Our underlying assumption

这个结论与现有结论冲突/不一致:This contrasts studies in other domains, , which found fewer self-references in people telling lies about their personal opinions.

这个结论证实了现有结论This finding instead corroborates previous work in written domains found by Ott et al. (2011) and Rayson et al. (2001), who found that...

建立在以前研究的基础上:This also builds on previous findings by Ott et al. (2011) on the difference between superlative/comparative usage.

A做了某事,表示B结论:Trusted sources are more likely to use assertive words and less likely to use hedging words, indicating that

一个概念是如何被定义的:how the term “XXX” is being shaped in news media

我们的工作不仅证实前人工作,而且符合时代变化:Our results not only corroborate previous indications of a high
increase in the usage of the expression “XXX”, but also show contextual changes around this expression after the United States presidential election of 2016.

我们提出一种方法把A放进B里面去:We propose a method to unfold the mean-field algorithm into specially-designed neural
network layers, and build a deep MRF model for doing sth.

我们做了大量实验:We carry out comprehensive experiments on widely-used datasets collected from popular social networks.

声名自己的编码环境和工具:We use the PyStruct package to implement CRF [21]. We used the scikit-learn Python package for these baselines.

某个链接Available at http://liwc.wpengine.com/

短时间内描述一个数据集:We investigated the differential diffusion of all of the verified true and false news stories
distributed on Twitter from 2006 to 2017.The data comprise ~126,000 stories tweeted by ~3 million people more than 4.5 million times.

英文排比句的使用:Falsehood diffused significantly farther, faster, deeper, and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information

非常漂亮的开头:Narrative is a fundamental form of representation in human language and culture. Stories connect individuals and deliver experience, emotions and knowledge. Narrative comprehension has attracted long-standing interests in natural language processing (Schubert and Hwang 2000), and is widely applicable to areas such as content creation. Enabling machines to understand narrative is also an important first step towards real intelligence. Previous studies on narrative comprehension include

探索性的计算方法:exploratory computational approach

本质上,数据聚类可被视作一个社团检测问题,只要从原始数据构建一个网络:In essence, data clustering can be considered as a community detection problem once a network is constructed from the original data set.

这个模型强调了演化系统中的随机性:The model highlights the role of randomness in evolutionary systems

这个概念最早在某文献中提起,但是没有规范化定义:The XXX was originally proposed in [30], where only a procedure of XXX is introduced without formal definition. 

数据转化为网络表现形式:Many other kinds of data sets can be transformed into network representations

复杂网络领域的一个显著现象是社团结构:One of the striking phenomena of complex networks is the presence of communities.

最近的研究请参考文献[1]:For a recent review of this topic, see [37]

文章剩余部分:The remainder of this paper is organized as follows

不考虑某物without accounting for the defense of the previously dominated vertices

向量中底k个条目:Its kth-entry,

系统是马尔可夫化的:system φ is Markovian

算法的输入是:Essentially, the algorithm accepts the data set (data) and four user-defined parameters:

算法对三个参数不敏感:The algorithm is not sensitive neither to λ, , nor

漂亮的逻辑,以及”非正规“的语法:For a given network which presents some communities, say K communities, if we add exactly K particles, each of them will dominate a community, thus, a particle will not interfere much in the acting region of the other particles.

这个方法将是一个好的替代品:this method turns out to be a good alternative for




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